Mercedes-Benz S300L GCC Specification 2012 Model for sell in uae

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The 2012 Mercedes-Benz S300 L is an example of a luxurious automobile as it represents a luxury car segment and it is a sedan which aims to demonstrate sophisticated power and enhanced conveniences. Consistent with the Tagline ‘Personalised Motion’, the model is built specifically for the GCC market, and is equipped with features and specifications that allow it to deliver superior performance in climatic conditions peculiar to the region.


Inside, the S300 L offers a sanctuary of luxury and technology:Inside, the S300 L offers a sanctuary of luxury and technology:

- Seating: Leather trimmed interior with heated fronts and power adjustments on the front seats and seat memory.

- Climate Control: One of the most significant enhancements lies in the area of climate control which offers a fully automatic system with multi-zone temperature control.

- Infotainment: New vehicle amenities include the COMAND system which include display system, steering wheel control system, navigation system, and Bluetooth connection.

- Sound System: Large and technologically advanced surround sound system which could deliver high quality audio to the intended users.

- Comfort: Covers space and usage of, coverage and usage of additional space, soft touch ‘floormats’, internal condition control and utilization.


The S300 L is engineered for a smooth and powerful driving experience:The S300 L is engineered for a smooth and powerful driving experience:

- Engine: 3. Of core engineered elements, the primary configuration is the 0-liter V6 engine shaping 228 horsepower and 300 Nm torque.

- Transmission: Dyno developed GPL 7-speed automatic transmission that provides smooth shifting of gears.

- Drivetrain: Is a drive system that provides both handling and performance in an optimal way through the car’s rear wheels.

- Suspension: There is a specially equipped AIRMATIC air suspension to provide the best level of comfort and adjust it to the concrete type of the roads.

- Fuel Efficiency: Improved gas mileage and can be used for driving in traffic or on highways.


Safety is paramount in the S300, with numerous features to protect occupants:Safety is paramount in the S300, L with numerous features to protect occupants:

- Airbags: Some of the standard safety features that come as options include front, side, as well as curtain airbags options.

- ABS: Antilock braking sys­tem to help a driver maintain control of the vehicle during the process of deceleration.

- ESP: Optional or required Electronically controlled Stability Program to prevent skidding and loss of grip or traction.

- Lane Assist: Keeps the vehicle within the lane markings so that the vehicle maintains the correct direction while on the road.

- Night View Assist: Improves the ability of the automobile to be easily seen during poor light conditions such as in the evening or at night.

Additional Features

- Keyless Entry and Start: Infiniti of Quebec has brought about convenience of accessing and starting the vehicle without pulling out a key from your pocket.

- Parking Assist: Sensors and cameras to help in maneuvering young men while parking.

- Sunroof: Sunroof where the roof can be opened and closed through a switch on the car interior; the roof can be opened to let in fresh air during a drive in a special car model meant for open air.
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